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Ashford International Hotel

Simone Weil Avenue, Ashford, TN24 8UX, United Kingdom | 01233 219988 | Website

Not trying hard enough!


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


I think you might say that this hotel pays lip service to accessibility but they haven't really got it right. I filled out the feedback form and ticked the box requesting to be contacted but as they haven't done so, I assume they aren't really that bothered about getting their access right. We parked in a marked bay but then I really didn't fancy trying to negotiate my way to the door of the hotel over a bumpy exit the car park. There was a pathway, evidently meant to be the wheelchair route to the hotel but it meant negotiating some rough grass in order to reach the automatic doors. We chose to use the covered area in front of the door as a drop-off point but obviously that only works if there are more than one of you so the other person can park the car afterwards. We then had to negotiate the revolving door as there was a step between the roadway and the automatic doors. We eventually spotted a button labelled with a wheelchair symbol which seemed to slow down the revolving door but I wasn't very happy about having to use a revolving door at all. The reception desk was high with no lowered area. Our room was spacious enough with room to access either side of the bed and the bathroom had a great folding shower chair with arms and also a sink that you could lower down to the height you wanted but it was so near to the lavatory that you had to sidle in between the two: awkward for anybody let alone somebody with mobility problems. The restaurant had tables that you could not pull up to in a wheelchair so I had to transfer to a normal chair.

Transport & Parking


Easy enough to find from the motorway.



There were marked bays but leaving the car park in a wheelchair would have meant bumping over an awkward little slope and negotiating a path that included a rough grassed area to reach the automatic doors or using the revolving door. Restaurant and bar were on the ground floor as was our accessible room although this meant going through quite a lot of fire doors which were not very easy to negotiate.



The accessible loo in the lobby was brilliant but the bathroom in our room had various problems, described above.



Staff are very helpful, especially in the restaurant.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

I wouldn't stay here again.


Poorly designed disabled access path over grass Awkward exit to carpark Revolving door to get in Tricky restaurant tables Great shower seat Rather awkward loo/basin arrangement

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