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Edinburgh fringe; Jason Byrne at assembly at the mound


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To access the venue as a person with any mobility issues, there is a back entrance, up the royal mile at the very edge of castle hill, it is worth noting this, as you will be with all the Edinburgh tattoo patrons accessing the same area. My advice, give yourself an extra 20 minutes for the dance you have to have in and out of tourists browsing shops, as well as those coming and going from the castle. Stay on the right hand pavement, the left has no dropped kerb or ease of crossing the road. I am glad to say this year, the castle staff did not hold us back from reaching the venue. The main entrance is down the mound, with no way of getting up/in if access issues. It's a fair hike up from the mound, if you make the mistake, as friends did, of heading to the front door. The door is a fire exit, which is not open, you have a door bell to push for someone to come open, fortunately I timed t as another wheelchair user was leaving, so got in easily. There is also a Mobile number displayed to call if you are still waiting. A fairly short steep ramp or if preferred a few stairs up to the level, to get to a lift (not the biggest of lifts room for wheelchair user, and 1 escorting). Staff accompany you through the building, so no worries if you need help with doors, or lift buttons. We had a wander through a tech aisle, with equipment with enough room to scoot by and which led to a corridor to wait by the door, which has toilets, which I didn't use, but from my memory of being there before, was a reasonable sized access loo. In the auditorium, there is a few options of places to sit at the end of rows, at a good level that heads won't obscure your view, and plenty choice to sit with the rest of your party. The show, Jason Byrne was hilarious, if you are looking for belly laughs, I would highly recommend. After the show, back the way you came, again with the assistance of staff. If you are lucky as we were, the fireworks are well visible from this point. But get down to the bottom of the road before the castle empties out, as it gets very busy.

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Parking is difficult at the best of times, best to get picked up, or head for a bus.



Seats in corridors for those who need to take the weight off. Fuller info in main review



I am going from memory, but I am sure it would have stuck in my mind if I had any great difficulty using the loo. My only difficulty was trying to get in, as other patrons "just nip in", because it's the first door they found.



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I would recommend the venue, one thing I would have loved to have had the option to get a drink from the bar which is inaccessible on the floors below, if this was something the staff could offer, to pop and bring up to you, it would be the only improvement I can recommend.

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