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80 Albion Street, Glasgow, G1 1NY, United Kingdom | 0141 5521734 | Website
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No one can deny bar home has tried to make itself an accessible bar in a great area in Glasgow. Albion street has street parking and relatively good paths, with a heavy glass door it is a little awkward to get into but its wide with a slight ramp. The bar is open during the day and serves pretty good food as well as great selection of drinks. The bar has a very good sized disabled toilet which uses the radar key system. Great for during day as its table service however a pretty high bar so would be difficult for people to order from there. Weekend nights although accessible are incredibly busy

Transport & Parking


No parking of its own but lots of nearby street parking and town car park at too of the road however I wouldn't recommend using that as the ground is very uneven.



Slip ramp on entry only issue is the door (push or pull) spacious (when quiet) easy to access disabled toilet.



Radar key system (they only have one key) good bathroom with expected bars etc. on the time of visit no cleaning equipment was using the toilet as a store cupboard.



Staff were very helpful. Had no issues.

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Very difficult to leave during busy time of Friday night as such a great location for pre drinks on night out. The ramped entrance isn't an alternative but permanent feature.

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