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HRWFF Relaxed: I Didn't See You There (15) + ScreenTalk

HRWFF Relaxed: I Didn't See You There (15) + ScreenTalk article image
Sensory Friendly

This personal, political, and unflinching film offers a perspective and stylistic approach rarely seen in cinema, capturing indelible images informed by the filmmaker’s disability.
As a person with a disability navigating the world from a wheelchair, Reid Davenport is often either the subject of unwanted gaze – gawked at by strangers – or paradoxically rendered invisible, ignored, or dismissed by society. The arrival of a circus tent just outside his flat prompts him to consider the history and legacy of the “freak show”, in which individuals who were deemed atypical were put on display for the amusement of a paying public.

Contemplating how this relates to his own filmmaking practice, which explicitly foregrounds experiences of disability, Davenport sets out to make a film about how he sees the world without having to be seen himself.
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