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Relaxed Screening: It Grew She Grew (15*)

Relaxed Screening: It Grew She Grew (15*) article image
Sensory Friendly

Curated by artist Zara Joan Miller, this evening explores several approaches by artists thinking through non-conforming bodies and their radical potentials.

The programme brings together several works by Miller, into a conversation with material made by other artists, resulting in a layered interaction between filmmakers seeking new ways to frame the rhythms of the body.

The evening begins with a live performance by Miller, before branching out to incorporate Anne McGuire’s powerful reflection on her own body and it’s changes after a live threatening experience, and also includes new work by American artist Melissa Friedling, who playfully engages with ideas of human fertility through a series of visual puns and reflections on twinning.

By bringing these works, and more into dialogue, the programme expands on our notions of how bodies are expected to perform, and their radical potentials.
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