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13 Nelson Road, London, SE10 9JB, United Kingdom | 020 8858 8047 | Website
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Reviewer of the Year - 2017

Great food, good disabled access + very helpful staff

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Growing chain of medium priced restaurants, offering a wide choice of food and drink. Good disabled access and great staff awareness.

Transport & Parking

Travelled by public transport. Located close to Cutty Sark station. I travelled by bus and there are several bus routes that stop nearby. It's well located in the town centre, a few minutes walk from the Cutty Sark and the National Maritime Museum.


There is steps free access into the restaurant. There is a large restaurant on the ground floor. Some of the tables and seating is fixed and we were offered the choice of what seating I would find the most comfortable, so we opted for the movable table and chairs.


The main toilets are upstairs. I had to ask if they had a disabled accessible toilet. They have one but there is no sign on the door to let you know it is a toilet. The space is large and doubles as baby changing facilities. There are grab rails and the emergency cord reached to the ground.


Staff were fantastic. We visited over the half term holidays and the restaurant was very busy. We were told we would have about a 5 minute wait for a table. The member of staff saw my crutch and offered us to sit down in a small seating area to wait. While we were there they brought us our menus. When the table was ready we were given the choice of two tables, as mentioned above. Service was friendly and very efficient.

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Bill's offer a good range of food from steak and chips to burgers and curry, plus a nice veggie choice. I particularly like their dessert menu. They also do a range of alcohol and non alcoholic cocktails. The décor is modern and there's always a nice ambiance, when I visit one of their branches.


Halloumi and Humus Brioche Bun Apple, Salted
Caramel and
Walnut Crumble Pink Lemonade Ice Cream Float

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