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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


Fantastic customer service, especially on the phone.

Transport & Parking


Parking was reasonable, multi-storey with disabled bays nearby. We parked on nearby double yellow lines using Blue Badge



Lifts were available, there was ample access to the main auditorium through every entrance. Accessible seats were available for those who wished to transfer and those who wished to stay in their wheelchair.



It was easy to find and there were two in the theatre, both of which were in use while we were there. Fortunately, the REP is attached to Birmingham Central Library, which has multiple accessible toilets. We have since visited this location again, and discovered that although there are 2 accessible toilets, theatre policy is for some reason to lock one of them after the performance has finished. Although this does cause problems, the downstairs toilet remains open (RADAR key only). It is also worth mentioning that Birmingham Central Library closes in the evening, meaning that their toilets are only accessible during and after a matinee performance.



Everyone we encountered was helpful, patiently explaining what was going to happen.

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We were on the second floor, and had transferred out of the wheelchair, so the staff asked if they could put it away in the cloakroom (on the ground floor). We complained because it was a fire risk and they relented and let us keep the wheelchair at the back of the auditorium, out of the way. I have visited again since, and this has not been my experience on subsequent trips. This is possibly because of our seating location. We were located near the front of the auditorium, but in subsequent productions we have sat near the middle and received no objections about the location of the wheelchair. I do not have a hearing impairment, but i have been to a captioned performance. Although the captions were slightly behind in some places, they were mostly correct and clearly legible for the entire performance,

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