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Blue Badge Parking

Glasgow City Council, Glasgow, G2 1DU, United Kingdom | 0141 287 4578 | Website


Disabled car parking space's in glasgow city centre



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter


Having family who use disabled parking (have a blue badge) we found it would be useful to give a review on how good the parking around glasgow city centre. We done this by driving about glasgow and noting where the disabled bays around town were. The is what we found there is 4 on union street, 4 on waterloo street, 2 on Robertson street, 1 on york street, 11 on cambridge street, 2 on pit street, 2 on millar street, 3 on king street, 3 on chilshom street, 3 on bell street and four at glasgow queen street station. Although there happens to be quite a few a various locations, evertime we checked they were always full. We decided not to check for a blue badge as sometimes we agreed we might not have noticed it or it had fallen. We found this extremly poor service for blue badge users as the locations were poor and more than not a bit of a treck to the shops, when thinking about it theres hardly any in comparison to non disabled parking spaces, we found there was hardly any near the likes of buchannan street and sauchiehall street. Which we found was at a disadvantage to disabled people with a blue badge as some people who have a blue badge dont use a wheelchair. So how are they ment to reach places like sauchiehall street and buchannan street. When we were looking for the parking spaces we found it very hard to spot and found they werent very clearly posted. Also anyone we asked where to find some had no idea. We appreciate that it is free and there are at least some around town Overall myself and friend give Glasgow city council Disabled parking an overall 2

Transport & Parking


A few facilities in the different parts of town but always in use



Wasnt very clear, far away from main streets





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