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A great activity if you're looking for something accessible in aberdeen!

Transport & Parking


The venue is located about a 10 minute walk from Union Square where there is lots of parking available (about 12-14 minutes from the train station too). There is also some on street parking near the venue although I didn't see any specific accessible parking spots. The road is quite dark at night so will be easier to navigate in day light.



There are several escape games at Breakout Aberdeen - we played Black and White which was accessible and the staff advised all of their other games were accessible. There is a seating area when you first enter the venue with an accessible toilet to the right when you enter. The counter is high but you don't really engage with staff in the teception area instead you spend time in the seating area until your whole team are ready - there is plenty of space in the seating area for relaxing and using the facilities until you're ready to play. The game itself also has plenty of space - it was set out like a living room with sofa and coffee table but plenty of space to move around. The puzzles are mostly at an accessible height for everyone to get involved with. The only problem is that you're locked in a room by a key - there is an emergency key on the back of the door if you want to leave but if you do we were advised it stops game play and you're not allowed back in. We were advised if you wave at a camera to get attention we could be let out and then would be allowed back in.



I didn't use the toilets but there is an accessible toilet located in the reception area.



Really friendly staff who enjoyed their job!

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