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Brompton Cemetery

Fulham Road, London, SW10 9UG, United Kingdom | 0300 061 2172 | Website


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A beautiful and accessible place, well worth visiting


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An excellent place, with many beauties, easy access and lots of squirrels. Strongly recommended.

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Earl's Court Station is the nearest fully step-free station. West Brompton Station is partly step-free: wheelchair users can roll straight onto the train on the eastbound District Line, but the westbound District Line is, perversely, totally NOT step-free. West Brompton Station is step-free for Overground services and you will need ramp assistance from staff (who are generally friendly at this station). Be sure to check with TfL before you travel, TfL's station lifts are VERY unreliable and can ruin your day.



The cemetery has a north entrance in Old Brompton Road and a south entrance in Fulham Road. Both entrances are totally step-free. Beware of awkward kerbs at the north entrance. It's better to use the small quiet slip-road in front of the cemetery to approach the entrance. There is a magnificent domed chapel near the south entrance. This is a must-see, and it has fully step-free access via a stone ramp. See my photos below.



There is a new café at the north entrance, fully step free. There is a toilet attached, but because of COVID-19 limitations, it was closed to the public on all my recent visits, so I cannot review it.



I have not yet met any staff. Zero stars here means "Don't know".

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The cemetery is Victorian, and many graves are ramshackle and in terrible condition. But the cemetery is still in use and contains many brand new graves. There are also several graves of interesting and/or famous people, for example Richard Tauber, Henry Cole, Samuel Cunard, Brian Glover, Bernard Levin and Constant Lambert. There are a lot of squirrels and they are very tame. Make sure you take some nuts with you. Some of the squirrels are really bold and will come close to beg for treats. They seem to have a secret signalling system: as soon as you've given one squirrel a nut, half a dozen other squirrels may trot over at speed to beg for treats. Sometimes a small group of squirrels will follow me when I move away, hoping for yet more treats. See my video link below for cute squirrel fun. Be sure to visit the domed chapel, a really handsome building with a beautiful interior. It has easy ramped access. There are various signs dotted around reminding visitors of the need for 2-metre social distancing. I felt safe here, from a Covid-19 point of view.


A long path with ramshackle old graves on both sides A squirrel on top of an old gravestone Picture of Brompton Cemetery A view of the domed chapel across the gravestones of the cemetery. A view of the domed chapel in sunshine, framed by shaded trees in the foreground.


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