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70-72 Grove Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8AP, United Kingdom | 0131 2282323 | Website


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The doorway to something very different


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The Brooks Hotel was not what I expected although I’m not sure what that was. Going in the door the magic began to unfold as it was a cross between Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter. Every corner revealed something different and exciting.

Transport & Parking


The streets in the area are busy and there’s limited on street parking. The hotel does have limited parking in a nearby facility. Coming by public transport, I don’t drive as I’m visually impaired, it was easy to catch a bus as they stop at the top of the street where the hotel is located. It’s not too far from the railway station either.



Access in and around the building: Finding the building was fairly easy as there are some prominent plant pots outside the entrance. The small metallic ramp was also a bit of a clue for me. Going in the entrance there was a lobby followed by some double doors leading to reception. After a warm welcome I waited in reception with my companion. The armchairs, table and general surroundings created curiosity. Exploring further there was a private dining room area which was like a step back in time with a beautiful table, chairs and surroundings. Next was the lounge with large picture windows looking out on to the patio area. The curiosities in the room were fascinating and you felt free to pick things up and explore. Access in the accessible bedrooms and bathrooms: Moving from the dining room the bedrooms, not the accessible one that my friend was exploring, but the ones on the upper floor were bright, spacious and well lit. The bedrooms use traditional door keys so there’s no fumbling with cards and trying to get them the right way up. Access in the dining area: The main dining room came as a surprise as it was large and brightly lit. The tables and chairs easy to negotiate.



There were toilets in the public area on the ground floor; including an accessible toilet.



The staff were all very friendly and helpful during my visit.

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This is certainly a hotel to remember as it comes with its own unique character. No corporate style and look with this one; just good old fashioned charm!


Bedroom on the upper floor Bedroom on the upper floor Bedroom on the upper floor The homemade cakes.

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