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Café Gandolfi

64 Albion Street, Glasgow, G1 1NY, United Kingdom | 0141 552 6813 | Website

Lovely place but not great for wheelchair users


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This is a lovely cafe that I have frequented since the 1970s. It is on the ground floor of a quiet street in the 'Merchant City'. Since the entrance is through one revolving door and other narrow one, I asked about wheelchair access. The staff showed it to me. It involves going in through the fire exit which is flat and wide. However, this is also the bin area and was dirty. I cannot invite a wheelchair user to eat here if it means going through such a dirty, off-putting entrance. Why can't it be cleaned up every day? The rest of the place is spotlessly clean. Other than getting in, this is a lovely place and the Tim Stead furniture continues to be a main attraction for me.

Transport & Parking


I can't comment on the disabled parking but there is on-street parking and it would be easy to come here by taxi. The buses are not far away.



I didn't see any signage and only found out where the entrance was when I was already inside and able to ask. Flat, wide, convenient but dirty because it is the bin area and is obviously not cleaned regularly.



The toilet is upstairs and I think there is a lift. Not sure about this so won't rate it.



Very friendly, helpful staff, who simply don't see accessibility the way I do.

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Lovely food! Great ambience.

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