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Camp Nou

FC Barcelona, Barcelona, 08028, Spain | +34 902 18 99 00 | Website

Nou Camp. A wheelchair accessible review



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Barcelona is a great city with plenty to do and a city that covers everything no matter what you're into. Let's get to the beef, The Nou Camp. The football was a fantastic experience and wheelchair tickets were easy to get a hold of even though they were a bit pricey (90 Euro each!!!!) But free entry for carers softened the blow a little. Regardless of the price me and my friends decided we had to go to experience seeing one of the best football teams in the world. The stadium itself was fully accessible with wheelchair seats placed at the top of the lower tier behind the goals. It was decent position and we could see the full pitch clearly with no obstruction. The only thing which was frustrating was that we couldn't really see the full size of the stadium. From our positions the tier of seats since us was blocking our view of the 90,000 plus seater stadium. My carer managed to get a few pictures but obviously its not quite the same as seeing thr view first hand. One more thing about our seats. Every wheelchair spot were beside each other which is perfect for groups of friends with wheelchairs. However sweating for assistants aren't positioned directly beside the wheelchair bays. This therefore could be a problem for those need more support. Moving on, all accessible toilets were directly behind us and extremist easy to get to at any point. The toilet i used was extremely spacious with more than enough room to manoeuvre a standard electric wheelchair. The food areas were positioned near the toilets and was also easily accessible.

Transport & Parking


We caught a metro and then walked the rest of the way. Public transport is exceptional for wheelchair users across Barcelona with most metro stations accessible. Every bus in the city is also accessible, with a handy electric ramp that lowers itself.



The signage was great from my point of view however i did not notice any braille.



Easy to find with plenty of space.




My view The picture my assistant took. Unfortunately i missed out on the view Camp Nou Camp Nou

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