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1-2 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford, OX1 2HP, United Kingdom | 01865 514 468 | Website


Very good apart from getting in and out of the building


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A great place to eat, with a perfect accessible toilet, but the entrance has two big steps and the portable wheelchair ramp provided is DANGEROUSLY short and steep. If you're a powerchair user, don't even consider eating here.

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Many bus routes serve the centre of Oxford, and the railway station is fully step free and less than a mile away.



The entrance has two big steps. The doorbell button was missing, ripped off the wall (see my photo below), and I had to get my friend to go in and alert staff to our presence. The restaurant has a manual ramp which is much too short and too steep. This is really DANGEROUS. My friend was able to push me up the ramp, with a supreme effort, into the restaurant, but we didn't risk using the ramp on the way out, and I got out of the wheelchair and struggled down the steps while my friend bumped the empty wheelchair down them: if we had attempted to use the steep ramp, we would have risked a nasty accident. DO NOT even consider attempting to enter or leave this restaurant using this ramp if you are a powerchair user - it's much too dangerous. It's a pity it's so difficult and dangerous to get in and out, because inside the restaurant there's plenty of room and the tables are comfortable and the accessible toilet (see below) is perfect, and the food is great.



It is a rare pleasure to be able to award an accessible toilet five stars. This one is absolutely perfect, and very spacious, with nothing blocking the wheelchair transfer area, proper bogroll dispensers, and a red emergency cord which is long enough to reach if you should fall to the floor in the often precarious transfer from wheelchair to toilet and back. It is, however, galling to find such a perfect toilet in a restaurant which has such a dreadful barrier for wheelchair users at its front door.



The waitress who served us was friendly and helpful and deserves the full five stars. But two stars overall for staff, reflecting the management's appalling decision to provide such a dangerously short and steep ramp for the front door. Dreadfully negligent.

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The lasagne was fantastic.


Missing doorbell buzzer at the main entrance Two big steps at the main entrance A really excellent, spacious, well-thought-out accessible toilet

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