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Old Bison Works, Falkirk, FK1 1LW, United Kingdom | 0330 333 4444 | Website


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First time in a while


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First time in a while and first time needing assistance. Great parking right out front. Superb staff, thoughtful, helpful and diligent. All on one level = great. Disabled toilets easy to get to. 3 issues NOT the venues fault that hampered my visit. Heavy awkward doors into cinema (thankfully I was on crutches and not in my wheelchair), I know they are like that to hinder light and noise but they really make it hard for the lesser abled. Thankfully my wife was around to open them for me most of the time but when I had to go (well the new Bond flik is almost 3 hours long) an unknown stranger did the honours with the door, thanks again. A “press here to open” button would be a welcome addition. This takes me onto my second issue. Walking (if you can call it that) on crutches to a disabled loo and hearing the phrase “use the disabled it’s closer” is galling. It’s closer for a reason you inconsiderate idiot. The staff member who was close shook her head and loudly offered to take me to the nearest accessible loo, big thumbs up to her and Cineworld, huge thumbs down to the idiot . 3rd issue was the hand sanitiser stations all around, pedal operated when you are on crutches or wheels becomes a problem but the foam that came out was easy to rub in, not slippy and dried quick. These issues were not the fault of the venue.

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Loads of room and easily found. Hand rails, clean , tidy and if you need it there was space for carer.



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The hand sanitiser dispensers dotted all over are pedal operated

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