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1221 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G31 4EB, United Kingdom | 0330 333 4444 | Website

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Cinema located in The Forge shopping centre which you enter up a ramped entrance with some disabled seating areas located at the back of the room.

Transport & Parking


There are plenty of accessible parking at this Cineworld with it being located in a shopping centre and they are fairly close to the entrance. I'm not from Glasgow so cannot comment on the public transport but, I did see bus stops nearby which looked like they came from all over Glasgow.



It is double automatic doors to enter The Forge shopping centre and there are double doors to enter Cineworld but, these doors aren't automatic. They were open when I visited though so, maybe they are open all the time when the cinema was open. There are 5 or 6 stairs that you need to go up to get into Cineworld and a platformed ramp at the left-hand side of the stairs. I ordered my tickets online so I didn't have to visit the tills for anything but, they looked like a standard height. From what I could see you bought your tickets and paid for your snacks at the same till, it all looked fairly spacious. The doors into each screen aren't automatic to open and not very well signposted on which movie is getting showing in each screen. It is signposted on which screen is which though. They are double doors to enter. I was in screen 4 during my visit which had 4 wheelchair spaces at the back of the room, 2 at each side. I'm not sure if they would be big enough if there were 2 wheelchairs though. I'd like to add that I really enjoyed sitting at the back.



The accessible toilet is fairly spacious however, I feel there isn't much space to transfer at either side of the toilet. It is close to the wall at one side and there was a bin at the other side, although this can be moved. See image below. As far as I know there isn't a Changing Place toilet nearby.



When we arrived there wasn't anyone to scan my ticket, from then I didn't really interact with any more staff members. From looking around though the staff members seemed very friendly.


Image of the entrance to Cineworld. Image of the tills where you buy your tickets and snacks. Image of the doorways to the screens. Image of the wheelchair spaces in screen 4. Image of the accessible toilet.

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