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Coco Gelato

133B Woodville Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF24 4DZ, United Kingdom | 029 2037 1036 | Website


Still very good but could do better


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Accessible inside but, oh dear! What happened to the electronic doors?

Transport & Parking


No parking and difficult to park on the road.



There is a ramp but the buttons which operated the electronic doors are no longer there so I had to wait for a customer to open the doors for me.



Last time I was here I spoke to the manager. I said the loo was great but there was no handle on the outside of the door. That has been remedied. I only give 4.5 because there is a door which needs to be pulled open before entering the are where the loos are. I was pleased that, although there is a Radar lock on the door, the door was unlocked so anyone who doesn't have a key doesn't have to ask for one.



Very nice, very friendly.

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This cafe sells mainly desserts and there are very few savoury options. I had a lovely savoury crepe with a few leaves but why spoil it by filling the rest of the plate with greasy, unhealthy potato crisps? I expect it is because they are cheap but surely a few slices of tomato and cucumber don't cost much?

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