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Coral Island

Central Drive, Blackpool, FY1 5BD, United Kingdom | 01253 293133 | Website


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Coral Island Amusments


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This is the largest indoor amusement arcade In Blackpool and is located just South along the prom from the Tower. It is made up of a large number of Fruit Machines, Games Machines and even some rides as well. There are some areas that have an age restriction due to the type of machine you can play. i.e. over 18 years of age. out side along the front of the building are a number of stall and shops that cover food and drink as well as sun hats etc. It is very much what you might expect from this type of venue only bigger.

Transport & Parking


The Tower tram and bus stops are only a few minutes away on the prom there is no parking in this area as it is a very busy area. There is a car park across the road from the venue on the south side behind a open air market. We did not look at the Car park on this visit however it is run by the local council show should have Blue badge spaces available



There are a few ways in to this venue however the two on the prom side are level there is one in each corner. Once in side there is space to move about but during busy periods with people standing watch others play games etc. It can take time. There is a ramp to a higher level and there are machines on both sides of this ramp.



There is only 1 accessible toilet in this large venue and it is located in one corner in the in house café. The toilet is located near to the service counter. It is a standard basic toilet and very disappointing that there is only one toilet in a venue of this size . There was a sign pointing to the accessible toilet but it did not give a clear location.



We had to ask two members of staff before we found the accessible toilet the first person point in the general direction of the café. The second person told us we had to go in to the café to find get to the toilet.

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This is a large indoor venue with lots of Fruit and games machines as a result there are lots of noise and flashing lights that might not be suitable to some people who have issues with these type of things.


This is the door in nearest the tower

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