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Costa Coffee

St Catherines Retail Park, Perth, PH1 5XA, United Kingdom | 01738 630857 | Website


A bit tight but amazing staff


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Speech Impairment


I've gone a few times. The staff are always amazing trying to accommodate as much as possible. Finding a place to sit with a wheelchair or getting through is definitely a tad tight but staff generally do try to help get you sat down.

Transport & Parking




The tables are just far enough apart though I definitely have to move chairs to get through. Often I opt to use the queue section to get out if it's quieter than the seated area.



So yeah they do have an Accessible toilet but it's a tight squeeze between tables/chairs to get to it. But once you're there it's all good. It doesn't require a radar key. It's relatively spacious (I can spin round in it without bashing things so it's pretty big when I'm absolutely useless at turning in my chair). Has rails and emergency cord. Space for another person I'd say. It was clean and. Tidy when I was in. The door did feel a bit heavier than most doors so it did take a good yank to open to get in.



The staff are absolutely amazing every time I've been in. This visit specifically I used a text to speech in my phone and they handled it great offered if I needed a takeaway cup to sit in, straw. They moved a chair for me so I could wheel in. Helped where I needed like getting sugar and brought my coffee to me which helps soo much.

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