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Well worth a visit. Good amount of parking close by. Level access throughout and the entrance has automatic doors by pressing the wheelchair sign button at the side. Once inside there is sufficient room to get round and see all the exhibits. There is a good sized accessible toilet just as you come in the entrance. Some of the exhibit areas has dull lighting which makes it that little bit harder to see if someone had a visual impairment, although I realise this is done to create a specific atmosphere. There are lots of interactive stuff in there including sensory touch and smell and a screen the view from the top of the mast. There is a joystick that you use to move the camera to show 360 degree views and you can also zoom in and out. The only real disappointment of the visit was you can’t get onto the ship with the wheelchair, although they have built a hut just beside it with enough space for two wheelchairs with a tv showing a video of the inside of the ship. The tv seemed like it was from the 1970s and the film, which had subtitles, was very blurred. This could be doing with being updated. The cafe area was a good size with plenty of room for manoeuvre.

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Good amount of parking close by. The train station is a 5 minute walk (maximum) across the road. Unsure about the bus service as I didn’t use it.



Level access throughout. The entrance has an automatic door with the wheelchair button to the side. Some of the exhibit rooms have dull lighting to create an atmosphere which I think would make it a little more difficult for people with a visual impairment. The cafe is a good size and easy to manoeuvre around.



Good sized toilet located at the front entrance.



Excellent staff. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, especially the staff in the cafe.

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Discovery Point, Dundee

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