Dr Brews Coffee & Blues Dr Brews Coffee & Blues

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Dr Brews Coffee & Blues

Grosvenor Terrace, Windermere, LA23 3BS, United Kingdom | 015394 47354


The best Cumbrian Coffee Shop experience.


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Hidden Impairment


Dr Brews & Blues Coffee Shop is an awesome find and not just for the super coffee and fantastic, bigger than you’d believe, homemade cakes. The owner has designed the space to be as accessible as possible and built in access from the initial moment they conceived of the idea. So, a ramp through a wide door, lots of room to manoeuvre in the cafe, a beautiful accessible toilet with a baby changing table and some of the best/funniest toilet blues tunes you could imagine! The owners Paul and Aimee are the friendliest loveliest people you could meet and you’ll be greeted and part company feeling like you have new friends. So, now to the cakes and pastries. Err wow. Top treats, carrot cakes so moist and tasty, banana loaf, millionaire shortbread and white chocolate brownies #ThoseBrownies. I also had the avocado toast.. scrummy. On my visit, I met a local lady who was using a wheelchair who LOVED the shop and told me so. Love recommending this cafe.

Transport & Parking


There is on-street parking outside the cafe but this is Bowness so very busy especially in the tourist season. There is a public car park about 20 metres away.



Access to the cafe is excellent. The main door is wide enough for a powerchair and there is easy access to both the seating and the counter without having to manoeuvre past people or furniture. There is a slight ramp to get into the cafe but this has been designed to be very shallow and should not cause any issues. There is also seating outside where there is a bowl of water and a dong benching ring should this be required.



I thought the loo was excellent although I am not a powerchair user. there is good space as can be seen in the pictures and the toilets are fresh and clean. It's worth visiting just for the music that is piped in. There is also a baby changing table available. For a new coffee shop, it was great to see this much thought put into the accessibility of the toilet. Kudos.



Paul and Aimee Tilly are top drawer friendly. They told me that they want to make sure everyone receives a welcome and that when they are leaving are thanked for visiting. I am hoping that they will consider installing 'Welcome By Neatebox' as this could give them the extra training they might find useful. They are both lovely though so I am pretty sure everyone will feel that they have just made new friends by the time they leave.

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the attention to detail in the design and implementation is fantastic and probably goes unnoticed by any other cafe customer. This is the secret of good inclusive design.. A special mention must go to the Carrot Cake, #PaulsBeard #ThoseBrownies and the lovely Aimee. I will certainly be heading back and can't recommend this cafe enough.


this is the Cafe from the street.  Lovely comfy armchairs in the window. Paul on the left Aimee on the right.  I love their aprons which are kind of like heavy duty hardware store aprons. Smashed Avocado and feta on chunky toast with vine tomatoes.  Delicious. Perhaps the best carrot cake in the world.  So moist and so tasty. I love the toilet sign. Everyone is a super hero. Lovely clean toilet with a jungle theme. Wait til you hear the music.

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