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Dundee Museum of Transport

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Dundee Museum of Transport


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Unfortunately we chose a rather wet morning to make our way from our hotel on Dock road to visit the Dundee Museum of Transport and we were rather wet by the time we reached the opening to where the museum was located. My mood wasn’t helped when I found that my mobility buggy could not get over the ‘grid entrance’ and the pavement was rather high, with no drop down kerb. I ended up having to get off the buggy, hobble on whilst my wife had to lift it on and then off the pavement. We appreciate this issue is outwith the control of the museum. (On this, thanks to the gentleman from the museum who helped us when we left and) Never mind, it was well worth this hassle to get into such an interesting display of cars, commercial vehicles as well as trams and a rather imposing steam road roller. There was also a number information boards as well as audio/visual displays. There was a good selection of vehicles on display and, with me being of a certain age, I could relate to quite a few. I was surprised (pleasantly) to see a ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ on display. Following our wander around the museum, we had a ‘pit stop’ in the little café to prepare us for venturing out again. Although a commercial venture, (entry is an extremely reasonable £3) I got the impression that a lot of volunteer hours go into this museum and I congratulate all those involved. I shall keep tabs on your website for any future visits I make to Dundee.

Transport & Parking


There was three bays but appeared to have non blue badge vehicles when we visited



There was adequate room for me to get my buggy about and fond the information boards of the cars at a good height.



Did not see one but feel that there would be




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