Dundee Railway Station Dundee Railway Station

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Dundee Railway Station

South Union Street, Dundee, DD1 4BY, United Kingdom | 08700 005151 | Website

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Travel on train quite a lot as feel it's a more relaxed way to travel to different cities. Temporary train station for Dundee whilst major city renovations are going on.

Transport & Parking


There is a parking space at the train station, although there used to be one (see picture below). When the temporary train station first opened there was one parking space right at the top, after you pass the taxi rank. This was however taken away maybe last year to make the pathway bigger for pedestrians. Now I'm all for safety, but I feel they could of done this without taking away the only available disabled parking space. There isn't any non-disabled parking spaces either, but I feel there is more of a need for disabled parking spaces. My advice would be to take away a small part of the taxi rank and create a disabled parking space here. I parked in taxi rank once just for 20 minutes whilst I booked tickets for another trip and got shouted at by a taxi driver who said he reported me. Think he was telling fibs though because I didn't receive anything from anyone saying I did wrong. The reason I've given 1 star is because there are two council car parks 5 minute walk away, depending on traffic lights. Luckily it was sunny this time I visited but we live in Scotland, it's not sunny for long. On a miserable wet day it wouldn't be good at all. Taxi rank right outside, but hardly any dipped kerbs to get on to pavement. Not many taxis there late at night so have to walk a fair distance to get to another in the main city centre. Also bus stops nearby as right in city centre.



All level access into station, automatic at both entrance and exit. Lift down on to platform which is massive so lots of people could fit in at one time with luggage, wheelchairs etc. (see image below). Very hard to get an image of the lift though, photo doesn't do it justice. Area to book train tickets is very spacious and has a heigh adjustable desk for people in wheelchairs to be able to reach and speak to staff without having to strain themselves. Walking stick holder and adjustable hearing setting available to. If a lot going on in train station even I can struggle sometime to hear the staff member as they sit behind a glass window. Lift also has alarm button lower down which I presume is if someone falls in the lift. This is a really good idea and I noticed Edinburgh Waverley also had this.



Not able to comment as was in a hurry and didn't have a chance to look at the disabled toilet. Think it is a standard disabled toilet though which is situated on the platform level of the station, you have to get the lift down to it.



All staff are very friendly, from the people who book your tickets to the people who assist me to get on to the train. Whenever I have traveled by train someone has always been there to help me on and off the train with the ramp.

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Parking is the only issue I have with this train station and I'm excited to see what the new one will look like when everything is finished.


Disabled car park space which used to be here but has been taken away to make pathway wider. Level access into station with automatic doors. Booking ticket desk. Lift size massive. Alarm lower down. Dundee Station

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