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Edinburgh Bus Station

Elder Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3DQ, United Kingdom | 01315556363 | Website
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St Andrews bus station- wheelchair friendly.


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair


St Andrews bus station in Edinburgh is very wheelchair friendly, on arrival to the station there are no stairs on one end (slight ramp/hill) and the other side there are escalators- ideal for people who struggle with movement. There are always staff at arms reach and they are all very approachable. The information screens are very accurate so allows someone to time manage effectively. The non-disabled toilets are paid for however. When getting onto one of the buses, the experience is not fussy and staff make sure they help, the wheelchair is usually placed at the front seating of the bus with space for luggage below on the level below- this means the surrounding area will not be filled which bags and be a hazard for other passengers or the wheelchair user. - My experience is based on my observation as an occupational therapy student-

Transport & Parking




very good for wheelchair users.



Toilets are paid for- but also well maintained



Friendly and there are plenty of staff around if needed

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