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Grupo Corpo

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Legendary dance company Grupo Corpo summons Brazilian history, culture and spirituality in two UK premieres.

Gil Refazendo pays a transformative homage to one of the godfathers of Brazilian music, Gilberto Gil; refazendo translates as 'remaking’. The dancers pivot between graceful movements and high-energy motion to the sound of Gil's eclectic mix of samba, bossa nova and electronica.

Gira, meaning 'spin', draws on rhythms and movements inspired by the rites of Afro-Brazilian religion Umbanda. In Umbanda rituals, participants dance and spin, releasing control of their bodies to the spirits of deities. Gira evokes these rituals, with dancers jumping and floating through ritualistic movements, ballet and contemporary. São Paulo jazz group Metá Metá's soundtrack is inspired by Eshu, a deity who mediates between the human and spiritual realms, whose dynamism is evoked in the dancers' perpetual motion.

This is a joyful performance, illuminating the uniqueness of Brazilian culture.

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