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Good access for a smallish wheelchair



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After reading the description of the wheelchair accessible spaces in the circle (described as ‘level access’), I was a little surprised to see quite a steep ramp once I’d gotten into the theatre. The wheelchair/carer space I’d booked (M15/16) was immediately at the top of this carpeted ramp, which made it pretty awkward to manoeuvre into the space. I have a smallish active user chair (Quickie Neon 2) so I’d recommend anyone with a larger chair/power chair double checked their chair will be able to turn in a small area and reverse into the space. Even getting out of the space was awkward - the ramp actually stops slightly past the space, so you have to do a tight turn to avoid your chair tipping down it! Despite the awkward space, I still had a great time seeing Joe Lycett. The staff were all lovely and the toilet was fine (I avoided using it during the busy interval though based on other reviews!). We ended up parking in the Omni Centre car park (which cost £8.50). Be warned it’s an older underground car park and has some *very* tight corners around pillars! There’s usually some on street parking, but as usual in Edinburgh there were masses of roadworks. Thankfully the pavement from the car park to the Playhouse is nice and smooth (although sloped).

Transport & Parking


The Omni Centre car park is really the only decent place to park nearby - especially when there’s roadworks. But it’s expensive.



Thankfully the website told us where to enter (to the right of the main entrance) - there weren’t many signs. The wheelchair space was pretty awkward to get in/out of, but had a reasonable view.



Clean, although not particularly spacious.



Staff were very helpful and opened doors etc for me without being asked to.

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As far as theatres go, it was reasonably accessible. I had a better view from the circle than I did stuck at the back of the stalls in other similar aged theatres.

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