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18-22 Greenside Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3AA, United Kingdom | 0800 912 6971 | Website
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We booked seats in the stalls (originally purchased nearly 3 years ago), in that time my mobility has significantly deteriorated. We were told to enter at Door 8, where I was presented with a huge flight of stone stairs. The security guard asked if I was alright with stairs, I said no, he advised my son and I to go to Door 1 as that's the "accessible entrance". I went in Door 1, was told I needed to go down 4 flights of stairs "there's handrails" and was met with a shrug and told I should have booked a wheelchair space. I'm not in a wheelchair, I walk with 2 sticks. She actually shrugged and said its on your ticket re stairs - again, tickets bought 3 years earlier, silly me becoming 'more' disabled in that time. Then when I got into the stalls, despite the advertised "plenty of legroom", there was not. I am only 5ft 5.5inches, yet I sat with my bad knee being crushed, normally I would try to sit with my knee in the 'dip' between seats in front of me, but they've got binoculars for high screwed there, so that jammed in my knee throughout. Apart from one other man, not a single mask on, soa theatre full of people who do not give a toss for others in my view. I didn't use the loo, fortunately, as massive queues. I will never be returning there, I've had a horrible night.

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The only one who showed concern was the security guy on Door 8 who could clearly see the problem with the stairs. The female who shrugged at Door 1 needs to learn to behave better

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NO masks apart from one other man, a theatre full of people who dont consider others. Hand sanitiser around, that was it.

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Thank you for your feedback about your recent visit to Edinburgh Playhouse. Please accept our sincere apologies that you felt your experience here was a negative one. We take pride in making sure all of our audience are looked after and can enjoy the show in comfort and we take it very seriously when that has not been met. I would like to be able to discuss your experience further with you and investigate what happened on the day. Please email edinburghaccess@theambassadors.com with the best contact number and a time that is suitable for you to discuss.

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