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Underbelly Bristo Square

Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AG, United Kingdom | 020 7307 8480 | Website


Quite tight for space but lots of helpful stewards


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Wheelchair accessible venue. We visited the Daisy theatre which was a small tight space but staff were helpful moving chairs out of the way and opening doors. This was a quiet preview show so may differ on a busier date.

Transport & Parking


We visited by car. Disabled parking is not well sign posted nor particularly near, especially as lots of No Parking restrictions on single yellow lines throughout the Festival. Nearest bus stops would be in Forrest Road or Lauriston Place.



Access was noted on Fringe booking website but double checked at the nearest box office (we bought tickets just before the show started). The box office assistant was unaware of the complimentary PA ticket scheme and we had to wait while he phoned his supervisor. Then we discovered when we went into the show that he hadn't issued us with a PA ticket - we only had one ticket for both of us! But we were still seated for the show and on preview day you expect a few teething issues. Easy ramp into venue. Although the hallway is spacious, some of the turns were quite tight to get to the smaller theatre space - Daisy - we went to. Lots of helpful stewards to open doors and move seats to help our access.



There was an accessible loo signposted besides the ladies and gents but I spotted another one on our way in. It had a hand rail, was clean and stocked with loo rolls, hand towels and soap. On the negative side it was quite small to negotiate opening/closing the door and we just had a manual wheelchair.



I can't single anyone out but everyone was friendly and helpful.

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Better signage to toilet (why not signpost all the ones that were there?) would be good. We were slightly early and when I asked where the nearest bar, we were told the one in the courtyard didn't open until 5pm (not sure if this is the case every day or just preview day) and were directed round the corner to the nearest bar which was only accessible from that side by a set of steps. I'm pretty sure we could have got there by a longer route but this wasn't flagged up and we wouldn't have had time to get back for our show. In the end my husband stayed at the bottom of the steps in his wheelchair while I went to the bar. It says something about the friendliness of the Fringe that several people approached him and offered assistance in the few minutes I was away. Booked in person at main Underbelly box office which is situated on cobbled street making wheelchair access difficult. There is a ramp once you get across the cobbles. There's another box office just beside the Med Q.

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