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37a Castle Terrace, Edinburgh, EH3 9DZ, United Kingdom | 0131 510 5106 | Website


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Accessible tech incubator!



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Love the atmosphere at CodeBase and the table-tennis culture! There are lots of tech events held here and the ground floor event space and hotdesking is spacious, accessible and friendly.

Transport & Parking


Nearby parking at Castle Terrace, good bus links on Lothian Road, and a taxi drop off point outside the building. There are dropped kerbs and wide pavements on the approach to CodeBase.



Automatic doors and level access into the main reception and event space. Reception is spacious with smooth floors. If you are going into the hotdesk area (which leads to the offices in the rest of the building), a pass is required. One star dropped for the awkward position of the the door to the card entry system - particularly as the door is not automatic. Reception staff and people in the building are very friendly and willing to help however, so this isn't usually an issue. Inside the hotdesk area is a coffee shop and various tables of different styles and heights. There is also table-tennis and the interesting Barclays Eagle Lab to explore. The area, like most of the building, is spacious and easy to move around. If you are venturing further into CodeBase, the hallways are nice and wide, but the doors are a little clunky and you'll need passes for most of them.



There is an accessible loo in the corridor off of the main reception. There are more throughout the building if you are visiting a particular space, but this one is the best and most convenient!



The CodeBase staff are super friendly, as are all the other people I've met who've been working here!


Picture of Codebase, Edinburgh Picture of Codebase, Edinburgh

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