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Geek Retreat

Central Road, Leeds, LS1 6DE, United Kingdom | 0113 234 6489 | Website

Geek Retreat, Central Road, Leeds.


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Powerchair


The entrance to Geek Retreat is an automatic door, and the lift up is directly opposite the entrance. The lift does not have a mirror to aid reversing out of the lift, but it is a wide enough lift not to cause any issues. The corridor into the café and shop is wide, as is the light-weight manual door. Inside, the floor is level and smooth, and all of the tables are accessible from a wheelchair. The seating arrangements are flexible to accommodate wheelchairs, and the gaps between tables are wide enough to navigate with ease. Most of the shelves in the shop are also reachable from a wheelchair, as is the counter where food is ordered/items are paid for.

Transport & Parking


Geek Retreat has a few disabled parking spaces on the street, but for the most part cars must be parked in one of the many car parks around the city centre. Geek Retreat is very close to the bus station and several bus stops, and is reasonably near the train station. The pavement outside is flat, although a few paving stones do jut up slightly which could cause issues for the visually impaired. Geek Retreat is very close to the main shopping district in Leeds city centre.





The accessible toilet is upstairs along with all the other toilets, and is accessible by the lift. I have never used it (hence the 2.5 rating), but I imagine it doesn’t have full changing facilities.



The staff are exceptionally friendly and welcoming, and spoke to me as well as my fiancé when we were ordering at the counter.


Geek Retreat

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