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Lovely Hotel and tips re Amsterdam


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This is a lovely Hotel and would get 5 stars just for the Hotel. Overall I found it difficult to find Hotels in Amsterdam with accessible rooms. I use a standard size self propelling wheelchair and I had a conversation by email prior to coming about access, showers etc. The staff were very informative and helpful. The hotel itself has good access although doesn't have a disabled toilet in the public areas. The rooms are not specifically accessible rooms, however, the room was big enough for me to move around in my chair (standard size self propelling). The shower is completely level access and I could get my w/chair into the bathroom. There are no rails and no seat in the shower room, so because I knew this I took my shower stool with me. I was actually able to get my w/chair into the shower and then transfer onto the stool. We also used several trams while in Amsterdam and found them all to be wheelchair accessible. Disabled toilets in Amsterdam are scarce.

Transport & Parking


No disabled parking spaces but parking available on the street. There are trams a short walk from the hotel and throughout the city. Every tram we used had good wheelchair access ie low doorways and wheelchair space



Hotel has a ramp and a level access doorway with automatic doors. Once in the Hotel there are 2 levels and a lift. Bedrooms, lounge, bar, and restaurant are all on lower level and it is all flat.



No accessible toilet in public area of Hotel. Bedroom bathroom was big enough to get a self propelled chair into but there are no rails. So you need a degree of mobility. Generally accessible toilets are few and far between. The only one we found was in a shop called V&D on the 4th floor. Some hotels also have disabled toilets Mostly I had to use ordinary toilets take my chair in, get help to take it out and bring it back.



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The blue boat company have wheelchair accessible canal tours

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Karen, thanks for writing about Amsterdam - Have been thinking of making a visit and wasn't sure how it might work as a wheelchair user. Great to see someone has done it! - Paul

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