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Hotel ibis

77 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1HN, United Kingdom | 0131 2920000 | Website

Needs more awareness training


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


While the building is accessible in relation to step-free access, there remains (in spite of my constant complaints) and issue with getting into the building (reception area) from the street. One has to ring a bell but the reception staff assume that it is a delivery on another level and they don't see you. Ringing for their attention can take some time and usually I enlist the help of a passing tourist. This is unnecessary - why not a different bell for deliveries and for disabled access? Otherwise the place is accessible.

Transport & Parking


This is city centre so very convenient for buses. We didn't bring a car so don't know about disabled parking.



Everything is in place except the staff awareness that there may be people ringing to come in from the street. The main door there is a revolving one and to get in the other door requires the attention of reception which is hard to get. Things are not helped by random decorative post boxes and plants being placed in the foyer in the line of vision from the reception to the disabled access. Otherwise the facilities are great and the staff are always very helpful.



We had a disabled room and the bathroom has all that we need. The room itself (725) is really too small for a wheelchair but we managed. The hotel is good value, clean and well maintained.



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Do stay here - it is great value for a city-centre hotel and has at least one twin accessible room. But do be prepared for trouble coming in from the street.

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