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Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, G41 5BW, United Kingdom | 0141 353 4770 | Website


Sightseer - Chapter 5

Beautiful looking house in great setting


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Powerchair


On paper visiting the House of an Art Lover seemed like it would be great. However, the experience on the ground was disappointing.

Transport & Parking


Parking for blue badge holders was in a separate area of the car park where there were three or four bays - not sure exactly how many as the signs and lines on the ground were confusing. You didn't know quite where you were supposed to park. The stone edging around the car park was not the kindest when trying to manouvre the wheelchairs on the the main drive.



From the car park visitors are required to go down the stepped route or use the ramp which is quite a steep slope. Not great when you come to leave the building and climb back up to the car park. The odd use of kerb like stones at the foot of the ramp made nagotiating safe transit more difficult. Signage was confusing. A narrow doorway leads into the reception area and shop. The shop counter doesn't have an lowered surfaces so you find yourself peering over the top to speak to anyone. Access around the areas of the buiding that we visited was possible but tight in places.



The access to the accessible toilet was along a corridor with a ninety degree turn to go in the door. It was clean and tidy but not the easiest to move around in with a powerchair. Signage was not immediately obvious.



Not very engaging and when asked for information it was the bare minimum that was given. Other staff we encountered did not appear too interested in our experience as visitors and customers.

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Worth visiting for the beautiful grounds and gardens.

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