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Islington Assembly Hall

Upper Street, London, N1 2UD, United Kingdom | 0207 527 8900 | Website


Pretty stress-free experience & concert at Islington Assembly Hall


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Generally, a very positive experience at this venue, let down only by some very heavy doors & no raised viewing area.

Transport & Parking


I can't comment on parking, but there are many bus stops on Upper Street, with a lot of them coming from Kings Cross (about 15 minutes bus journey away).



The venue has a level access side door on the left, and you get ushered in through there. The door is very heavy, so staff should hold the door for you! Once inside, you're placed on the right hand side in a cordoned-off area, and staff are pretty attentive at checking you're OK. There is a bar right behind this area (result!), and I got served very quickly by friendly bar staff. This cordoned off-area does get quite a lot of foot traffic from staff however. And sadly, there was no raised viewing platform, which meant that I couldn't see much of the performers once the venue had filled up.



The toilet itself is great, very roomy with handles on either side to help you transfer. The only downside is the doors to get to the toilets are very heavy, and you may need assistance with them.



Staff were incredibly helpful, supportive and friendly. Thanks staff!

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NOTE: You can only access the ground floor of Islington Assembly Hall - there's no way of accessing the upper floor.

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