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Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens, London, SW7 2AP, United Kingdom | Website



Immersive Experience


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter, Hidden Impairment


See the art of Van Gough in a new way. Immersive art and music experience.

Transport & Parking


This in Kensington Gardens in Central London (just across the road from Royal Albert Hall). There are multiple transport options, including train, bus and underground, or could get taxi. I went by underground to Knightsbridge tube station, Kensington tube was closed the day I went, but both are nearby. See the exhibition website for more transport details



The exhibition is in a temporary venue in Kensington Gardens. The gardens themselves have a flat path through them. Entry to the exhibition is by ramp, and then is flat smooth surface throughout. All doorways and corridors are wide. When you first go in there is a display of Van Goughs art in prints, with explanations beside them. I was really impressed that with each of these there is the option to scan a code beside them, and get a signed or audio description on your phone of each picture. In the main space, it is a very large room, where the immersive experience is. There are a few seats available if you require, but the majority of people sit (or lie) wherever they want on the floor itself. I guess this could make navigation a bit tricky if you had mobility/visual impairment, but staff are very attentive and I don't think would be any difficulty. The room is filled with full-height screens at different angles. Van Goughs art shows on these screens but it is a constantly moving display, set to classical music. The sunflower room could perhaps be tight for larger wheelchairs and definitely for scooters, however this is a very small part of the whole experience and could easily be missed out. (You can see the whole thing from the doorway, it's mostly filled with people taking selfies)



There was an accessible toilet, and standard toilets. I did not use these so am unable to comment further.



There were plenty of staff around at points throughout the exhibition. They were friendly , helpful, and happy to answer any questions, however they also didn't 'get in the way' of just being able to be, and enjoy the experience.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

You are required to book tickets for this online, so numbers at any time are controlled. The exhibition is temporary - I think its in London until autumn 2021, and is touring other countries. There were hand gel facilities placed throughtout, people are encouraged to wear face-masks. In the large room, you can sit where you want. There are quite a lot of people in there, but people did keep a space from each other, and I felt comfortable. There is a cafe and small shop at the end.


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