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Kirkstall Abbey


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The park surrounding Kirkstall Abbey has smooth tarmac paths and no steps, with small, shallow hills dotted around the area. The lawns are well kept and can be crossed in a wheelchair, although it is a bit bumpy. There is a narrow path alongside the river, away from the main road, but this is not smooth and can be difficult to move along in certain areas. The abbey itself is surrounded by a fence, and can be accessed via a gate near the visitors centre. Entry into the central part is level, and the rooms on the left can be accessed via ramps. There are a few other, smaller rooms that have steps to get to them, but the gardens surrounding the back of the abbey do have a level path for wheelchair access. On Sundays, only the central area is open for viewing. On the other side of the road, which is accessed by a crossing with traffic lights, is the Abbey House Museum, which is also accessible. The entrance is automatic, and the till where tickets are purchased is easily reached from a wheelchair. Level access is provided by the members of staff on duty, who are friendly and prompt to respond. The ground floor is a mock-Victorian street, with the cobbles smoothed out for easier wheelchair access. Some of the shops, such as the iron-mongers and the public house, are wheelchair accessible and can be entered. There is a lift to the second floor, which is a conventional museum with plenty of space to manoeuvre and is fully wheelchair accessible. The café is also fully accessible, although there is a step down to the outdoor eating area, so wheelchair users must leave via the main exit, go around to this eating area, and up the ramp onto the patio. The garden surrounding the museum is fully accessible, albeit via steep and narrow paths in places.

Transport & Parking


There is one disabled car parking space by the museum, but other car parking is much further away. There are bus stops on each side of the road directly by both venues, and these are the best option for getting to and from the venue. There are no nearby train stations





There are disabled toilets available, but no full changing facilities.



The staff are friendly and welcoming, and are prompt to provide any assistance necessary. They are all clearly trained in how to provide the best services they can for disabled people.


Kirkstall Abbey

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