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Accessible hotel with friendly staff


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Long Cane, Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter


Very nice hotel with good accessibility (apart from the heavy doors)

Transport & Parking


From train station right next door I got the (very close) lift up to hotel reception. No need to go outside! Taxi drop off outside station, very close. The taxi that staff booked for me could stop on the street very close to where I exited the hotel from the lift.



No awkward steps, although you'll have to bump over the doorway strip to get in to your room... see below! The only thing that I'd note would be that there are some heavy doors, generally between the lift vestibule and the corridors with the rooms on them - probably fire doors I assume, hence the weight? If you're with someone else I think it'd be ok because they could open the doors, but me and my TravelScoot had to use our patented "drive at the door and smash it open" approach! Of course, coming back the other way (to 'pull' doors) was more of a challenge (drive up, hold the door handle with your one working hand, reverse to open the door enough to wedge a body part in the gap, pull the door open enough to drive over the threshold, try not to squish body part in the process...) On a similar note, you have to use your keycard to unlock the room, and then get in to your room before it closes and locks again. My TravelScoot couldn't get over the doorway strip in my first room (623) without a run-up, so trying to swipe the keycard, push the door open, and reverse and then accelerate over the doorway strip before the door swung shut was certainly a challenge. Having said that, in my second room (323) something was different and I was able to swipe the keycard and push the door open on the TravelScoot without a run-up to bump over the doorway strip. Luck of the draw I suppose!



Loos in communal spaces big enough to allow easy access. Bath/shower rooms in accessible bedrooms with loads of space to manouvre. Plenty of grab rails.



Delightful. Couldn't have been more helpful - one example being that the lass overseeing the breakfast buffet went and filled my plate for me. And delivered it to me with a smile!

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All staff wearing face coverings (correctly!). Surfaces in bar and dining room were all sprayed down and wiped regularly by staff. I had booked months ago and specified that I needed an accessible room with shower rather than bath due to mobility problems. I was assured that this was 'marked' on the booking. I called to confirm this more than once in the weeks prior to check in. When I got to my room I had been allocated a room with a bath, which was useless to me. Unfortunately I didn't have the energy to argue at the time. When I unexpectedly had to return and stay a couple of days later I was this time allocated a room with an accessible shower, which was excellent.

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