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Manchester Bierkeller

The Printworks Withy Grove, Manchester, M4 2BS, United Kingdom | 0800 054 8179 | Website


Unhelpful and unaccessible


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair


Bit of a backstory, but I went to Wed2B in Manc City Centre to choose my wedding dress. I had my bridal party with me, I said yes to the dress, and we went for celebratory drinks after. Now, the closest available pub that didn't need prior booking, was the Bierkeller in the Printworks. It had a lift to get down to the toilets 🙄 otherwise metal stairs. Now, the lift was out of order, but I braved going down the stairs because I still had the energy effects from my ocrevus and steroid infusion on 17th Nov. I used my stick that day (primarily). Now, at some point, a drink had been spilled on the steps, and like a cartoon, my stick slipped as I was going down with my MOH. Thankfully, I instinctively rolled onto my back as I went head first down. My MOH was scared, as well as my nanna and future MIL who were at the top and saw everything. I did start laughing at the ridiculousness of the event as I went down, and thankfully my nanna had a proper do at the bouncers because of the lift being out and no notices prior to our visit. The bouncers spoke to the bar just across from the place about accessing their toilets, because they were on the ground floor, rather than the basement. I'd emailed the company the next day, explicitly stating DDA (1995) and how I feel many more disabled people would feel discriminated against because of this, and I got an email back saying there's another lift behind the bar, and here's a voucher for your next visit with us. Yeah, no. I will not be visiting you again.

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