Monikie Country Park Monikie Country Park

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Monikie Country Park

Panmure Road, Dundee, DD5 3QN, United Kingdom | 01382 370202 | Website

Nature Walks and Duck Spotting


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


This accessible country park has a few different walking routes that you can take and beautiful scenery to enjoy.

Transport & Parking


Near the entrance to Monikie there are four accessible parking spaces available. You have to pay to park at Monikie Country Park however, if you are a blue badge holder you are able to park for free. I think if it was a quiet day that the standard parking spaces would be suitable for wheelchair users to us as they are plenty of them available and they are still not too far away from the main park entrance. The ground surface of the car park is very even. Monikie is located in a rural area of Angus and I’m unsure of what the public transport services would be like for visiting.



You can walk around two of the pond areas at Monikie and both pathways are layered with grass. The pathways vary in width as you walk around and in certain areas there are stones within the ground that can cause the pathway to be quite bumpy. There is a gradient hill at either side of the pathway so it might be difficult for wheelchair users that aren’t very confident with their driving. When I walk past the ponds I always feel more comfortable going to the left as I feel that pathway is better, and it’s a shorter walk for the colder days. Before or after your walk, there are two grassy areas to enjoy a sit down, picnic or BBQ. These are all flat areas and very spacious. If your lucky you might even be joined by the ducks that live in Monikie Country Park. The ground in the childrens play parks is mainly covered in bark which can be quite difficult for wheelchair users to drive on. There is a pathway going around the pay equipment but, you can’t get close to any of it. Between the two play parks at Monikie there is a small wooden bridge to go over which I feel would be hard to drive on as there are wooden ridges at the start and end of the bridge. I just feel the combination of driving on a gradient and over the ridges would be difficult. There is also a café/restaurant on the grounds of Monikie Country Park called …, which I will review separately another time.



The toilets are located at the entrance to Monikie Country Park and directly infront of the accessible parking spaces. The male and female toilets are accessed by a step however, there is an accessible toilet that has level access between the male and female toilets. The accessible toilet is very small though and I can imagine it would be quite difficult for a wheelchair user to use, especially if they require assistance from someone else. Like all toilets is a public park, they weren’t very clean. I mean I felt it was cleaner than others that I have visited. You can see the size of the accessible toilet in an image below showing my wheelchair in it.



I can't comment as there is no staff at Monikie as far as I could see. I think the only time you would have to interact with staff would be when you are paying for parking or at an event but, as I mentioned you can park for free with a disabled blue badge.

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This park is quite far out from the city centre of Dundee but, the drive is worth it.


Image of picnic area and ducks wandering around. Image of the disabled parking spaces. Grass pathways with Harley. Image of bridge during walk. Image of disabled toilet showing size compared to wheelchair size. Image of disabled toilet.

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