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12 Kings Court, Glasgow, G1 5RB, United Kingdom | 0141 5532400 | Website


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Great lunch and drinks in quirky cafe bar


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This is a quirky cafe bar in the Glasgow city centre area. It has very good (but basic) facilities, but the focus is clearly more on the warm welcome and atmosphere of the place than the bricks and mortar.

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We drove to the area because we were going to look in a few different shops around Mono. We managed to get on street parking behind the strip of shops, but it was quite busy. There are good transport links though, as it is in the city centre.



Access into the cafe bar is through a single wooden door that has glass panels. Once inside, it is very spacious, although I'm sure it'll get busier when they have live music etc. The tables are split over two floors, but there were plenty of available tables for us on the lower section to choose from. The bar is on the lower floor too, which is handy.



There was an accessible loo, but the door was covered in band posters, which could be difficult for some visitors to notice without support. The loo itself was basic, but had what I needed as a manual chair user.



The staff were very helpful and chatted with my daughter, which was nice. We only intended going in for a hot chocolate while we waited for the store next door to open, but ended up having lunch too as we felt so welcome.

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The cafe bar also has a music section where you can buy CD's and vinyl record. The ceiling of Mono is very pretty too, and they make their own lemonade in large steel canisters that line the place. Very cool to see!


roof feature Quirky seats Split seating area Accessible loo stage and drinks canisters Front door

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