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4-5, 6-17 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 1BF, United Kingdom | 020 7436 1779 | Website


Only half of the shop was accessible on the day I visited


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This branch of Muji had a broken lift on the day I visited, so I was only able to access half of the shop, the ground floor.

Transport & Parking


Many bus routes will drop you off very near the shop. There are no step-free stations nearby. Tottenham Court Road Station, which is very nearby, may be step-free as early as 2017.



The entrance to the shop is step-free. It's easy to get around the ground floor. But on the day of my visit, the lift was out of order, and according to the member of staff I spoke to, has been out of order for a long while after more than one breakdown, and will be out of order for a long while yet, as there are problems with ordering spare parts. So I was only able to access half of the shop - and unluckily it was the half of the shop I didn't need.



I didn't find any toilets.



The one member of staff I spoke to was courteous, apologetic about the broken lift, and didn't sound terribly optimistic about it being repaired any time soon.

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If the lift had been working, this could have been a five-star review. If I visit the shop again in future and find the lift is working, I will update this review and my rating.

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