Pittencrieff Park Pittencrieff Park

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Pittencrieff Park

Pittencrieff Park, Dunfermline, KY12 8QH, Scotland | 01383 729881 | Website


Sightseer - Chapter 5

A walk through the glen


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I think ‘The Glen’ experience is governed by the seasons and the weather. On a sunny day in the summer it’s great but on the grey days of winter it takes on a new look. Getting around was fairly easy with the main paths being easy to wheel along. A big map board at the entrance was helpful in working out what way to head for.

Transport & Parking


Transport wise it was good. We were able to park right along side the entrance up toward the Abbey. There are other parking spots by the different entrances. It’s also a short walk from the town and the many buses plying their way around the town.



I decided to give to a four star rating as I was able to get around and indeed find my way around. There were some spots where the paths went wheelchair friendly but there was enough to do and see. Having a ramp up into the Glasshouse to explore the plants was great! I think my word of caution is simply that there is a lot of walking as it is a big park! That’s said there were;laces to sit and you could pop in the cafe for a break. We particularly liked some of the surprise elements ... wheeling up on to the bridge and looking down at the path we’d walked along was fun ... discovering the old steam engine was a surprise and a spot for a selfie! You could also visit many of the buildings in the park like the Glen Pavilion, the Peaock (food and drink) or the Pittencrief House Museum; all of which had ramped access.



The park toilets weren’t perhaps the best we’d seen and maybe described as a bit bleak. That said the accessible loo was spacious and functional.



We didn’t really meet any staff.

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It would make for a great lazy summer afternoon with a picnic on the green!

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