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Pop-Up - The Stand in The Square

St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2AD, United Kingdom | 0131 558 7272 | Website
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Sightseer - Chapter 5

Comedy in a tent!

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To go and watch a comedy in a tent in the middle of a busy square in Edinburgh during the fringe could seem a challenge. It actually worked out very well with good access, a great view and friendly folk on hand to help.

Transport & Parking

Parking came as a surprise as I expected the area to be chock a block with cars, people and mayhem. As it turned out there was plenty of parking on the northern side of the square. Other members of my group were able to arrive by tram and you couldn't be any closer to the tram stop if you tried.


Getting into the Square was easy and it was great to see that there was a new temporary ramp on the George Street side of the Square. No having to go all the way round which can be a long was as a wheelchair user. Getting to the Yurt (it'll always be a tent to me!) was easy along level hard surfaced paths. The entrance to the tent had a temporary surface which was easy to wheel over. A small ridge to pop over and I was in the tent. I was offered a choice of where I'd like to sit; either up front or at the back. I went for the area at the back as my chair is tall and can block others' view.


An accessible loo was located next to the large bar on the south side of the square. The decking approaching this had tapered edges allowing for easy access from all side. The loo was one of the port cabin style and had a wooden ramp leading up to the door with a ninety degree turn to go through the door. Once inside it was spacious albeit seemingly well used - the air freshener can was there for a reason! It served its purpose as a loo ...


The "Tent" staff were very good. A warm welcome on arrival and a conversation to see where I'd prefer to sit - up front or at the back. I went for the back and the staff were quick to move chairs and make sure I and my companions were happy.

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The show I saw was Abnormally Funny People and it was good to see a venue where it was not only accessible for the audience but also for the performers. The show itself was brilliant ...

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