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Pret A Manger

93-95 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0UD, United Kingdom | 020 7494 0748 | Website


Not accessible to wheelchairs despite website promise



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Prêt's own website lists this branch with 'Wheelchair Access: Yes' but there is a step into the shop and I was not able to enter. They don't have a ramp. Zero stars.

Transport & Parking


The nearest step-free station is Green Park which is more than half a mile away. A few bus routes will drop you off in Shaftesbury Avenue, which is a short distance away. There is a multi-storey car park in nearby Brewer St.



Zero stars. A step at the entrance to the shop. There are two doorbells. I rang both. Nothing happened. I rang again several times. Eventually the manager appeared, after I had waved at the staff from outside. "No, no ramp, sorry." Doorbells? "They ring a bell in the basement, they are for deliveries." I was unable to get into the shop.



I never got inside to find out whether there's a toilet.



Zero stars. They ignored me for a long time while I was waving at them from outside, and the manager has not fulfilled her obligations to provide accessibility, despite the promise on Prêt's own website that this branch is wheelchair accessible.

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This branch is near the junction of Old Compton St and Wardour St, a particularly awful place for kerb-drops. It is impossible to get across this junction without a huge detour, because there aren't any kerb-drops. Shame on Westminster Council for not providing them in this very busy area.

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