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Pret A Manger

12 Byward Street, London, EC3R 5AS, United Kingdom | 020 7932 5378 | Website


A good place for drinks and snacks


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Good wheelchair access, very sweet staff - recommended if you need drinks and snacks near Tower Hill

Transport & Parking


Tower Hill Station is nearby and is fully step free from street to train. The no. 15 bus passes nearby but beware! because this is one of the very few routes in London still running just a few of the old-style totally non-accessible Routemaster buses, for heritage reasons. You may need to wait a while before the next accessible bus comes along. I don't know about parking in this area.



There is a big step at the front door, and a doorbell which - I was pleased to discover - does work. I'm not sure whether staff heard and reacted to the doorbell, because a random stranger went in to alert them to my presence outside, and then they were prompt to bring the ramp and let me in. The café is oddly laid out, all the ordinary tables and chairs are on a raised area, and it's cramped because all the tables and chairs are very close together - difficult to move around this area with a wheelchair. In the lower area of the café it's all bar stools and high shelves. However, the staff had the excellent idea of redeploying the ramp to give me access to the raised area and the ordinary tables, and they ensured that a suitable easy-to-access table was vacated for me.



I didn't notice a toilet on this visit, if I find one on a subsequent visit I'll update this review.



Nearly top marks for staff - wonderfully friendly, helpful, keen to give me the best possible experience, thoughtful and patient. There is a small training issue, the member of staff who deployed the ramp for me at the front door didn't know which way round to deploy it, I had to give him some guidance. Not his fault - but the manager should have provided appropriate training.

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The chocolate brownies remain the best in London, the cappuccinos are gorgeous, as are the chocolate mousse pot and the mango juice. I would definitely recommend this café, despite the awkwardness of having all the chairs and tables crammed together on a raised platform area.

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