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Treatment of disabled customer


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I am writing with deep regret to complain about the very poor treatment we experienced on the 8th Feb at Prezzo Aberdeen, Union Square. We have visited this establishment many times before and have always been greeted with smiles, accommodated, and been served some really good food. Last night, this was not the case. I’m paralysed from the neck down and confined to an electric wheelchair. On arrival, we were greeted immediately and taken to a table of four in the middle of the restaurant near the kitchen. As I cannot control my temperature due to my disability we always ask to be seated to the right hand side wall as it is more comfortable for us as the air conditioning in the middle area can make it quite cold. The restaurant was not busy and there were tables in that area. The waiter then informed us that we were not permitted to sit in that area as I was a fire hazard. To our amazement we told the waiter that every time we have visited the restaurant before we have been seated in that area to which he repeated again we could not sit there as it would be a fire hazard (I can only presume he had decided we were a fire risk). We then reinforced our knowledge saying that we had been seated there before and the waiter then told us that that area was a “premium seating area which was popular and it was for tables of four only”………………..I was actually insulted at that point as I thought he was joking. I said you have just taken us to a table which seats four outwith the “premium seating area”. As we had highlighted this to him he then said you cannot sit there as the tables are booked. Three reasons within a space of about 5 minutes. At that point I said that I was upset and we were leaving and the waiter said “ok then, goodbye”. I am sorry but is this really is no way to treat a disabled customer (a regular) which I believe is down to very poor training and lack of knowledge on behalf of the waiter who has obviously never undertaken equality training or has any concept on appropriate language when dealing with people. To tell someone in a wheelchair that they are a fire hazard is not acceptable. Life for anyone with a disability is extremely challenging, for many reasons, and this once again adds to the frustrations we face on a daily basis. All we wanted was a nice meal, a glass of wine and to be able to sit at a table, like everyone else “the priority people” and not feel out of place. The waiter went immediately up to the supervisor to explain his position but I am sorry, his actions and his treatment cannot be excused on any level. We are equal to any visitor going to this restaurant, we work hard, we pay our taxes and the only thing that is different about us is the attitudes of others to what they believe makes us different. If you do indeed have “premium seats” in your establishment and a policy criteria which identifies a wheelchair user as a fire hazard I would like sight of those documents. I do not believe this to be the case and I am seeking feedback from the disability equalities forum and have taken to social media to find out if anyone else has experienced this treatment. No one so far can believe that his has happened which is a testament to support my view that this should never have happened.

Transport & Parking


Union Square has a multi storey & outside car park with disabled parking baysr.



Wide open doorway that requires no assistance.



Have never used their toilets.



Usually the staff are very polite, efficient & welcoming.

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