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D Grand Buildings, London, WC2N 5BW, United Kingdom | 020 7930 4288 | Website


Outdoors - Chapter 4

Accessible but wouldn't rush back there


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To get in you have to get staff attention, then they open side door. Less than ideal. Difficult to negotiate inside - far too many tables crammed in.

Transport & Parking


Not near accessible tube. We walked/wheeled from Waterloo - about fifteen minutes.



Heavy doors and a huge step inside made front entrance inaccessible. My carer had to leave me to go in and find someone to open side door. They did so happily but weren't easy to find! Side door meant diner had to get out of his chair to let me in - not good. They sat us at very back - fine (near loo) but it was hard to get through the maze of tables! Chair was pulled out of way (I'd like to be asked if I want to transfer please) - when I said please can I keep the chair it was just abandoned where she had got to with it and we had to reposition it! No help or advice stowing wheelchair, which was difficult as it was so short on space.



Great loo. BUT it was used by everyone else and a table was of course right outside it meaning they had to move chairs so my wheelchair could get through!



They did what they had to, no more. I had my foot stood on more than once by careless waitresses.

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