Radisson Blu Hotel Edinburgh Radisson Blu Hotel Edinburgh

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Radisson Blu Hotel Edinburgh

80 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TH, United Kingdom | 0131 557 9797 | Website

Lovely hotel, good access but a few glitches


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This is a lovely hotel which is recently refurbished. Sadly a number of accessibility features are a bit problematic. The hotel responded very well to my feedback and maybe some of these might be ironed out.

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Taxi rank outside the hotel. Good pavement ramps even though a bit steep. That can't easily be helped but access into the hotel is excellent. This hotel is on the Royal Miles close to North Bridge - loads of buses.







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This is a lovely hotel which is recently refurbished. Entry to the hotel is very easy through an automatic door. What a pity then that none of the check-in/reception points are at a level comfortable for a wheelchair user. Also it's a shame that the lifts are so small. I wear a rucksack when assisting my wheelchair-using friend and can't fit in the lift other than beside my friend - it must be very small for anyone using a larger wheelchair. The accessible room we used was large and well-provided with everything we needed. However, the small but sharp threshold into the room makes access a bit tricky, as does the steep mini-ramp to the bathroom which caused my friend almost to tumble when navigating it with my help. Otherwise the bathroom was very accessible and everything worked. I reported all of this on my feedback and had prompt and constructive responses from the hotel, so it's possible that some of these wrinkles might be addressed soon.

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