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Riverside Farm

Shipton Road, York, YO30 1XJ, United Kingdom | 01904 642525 | Website
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Lovely food, friendly staff - We'd all go back!


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Hearing Aid, Long Cane


Flat access making it easy to enter for people in wheelchairs and vision impairments. The staff were really friendly and ensured we were happy and had everything required. The food was very nice with many of us stating we would definitely return again to eat their. The toilets were well signed and well located within the pub.

Transport & Parking


When travelling by car, the car park has many spaces with a couple of disabled parking spaces close to the entrance. The car park is all flat making it very easy to access the entrance. The bus stop is close by the pub, however the venue is located on a busy main access road into York and therefore crossing to return back into York can be challenging and would require someone to have good road safety.



The venue was well signed making it easy to locate from the road side, with the entrance standing out clearly from the rest of the building. The entrance is flat and therefore really accessible for people using wheelchairs and for those with vision impairments. There are no steps at all throughout the venue making it all accessible. The menu has a relatively large print and was accessed to be readable by someone with a vision impairment. To order food we were required to order at the bar, however as all the individuals on this visit were able to walk, I am unsure whether amendments would be made for someone in a wheelchair as the bar height could cause a barrier.



The sign for the toilet was clear, and when heading in that direction, a staff member ensured that an individual from our group was heading in the right direction highlighting how friendly the staff were on our visit. Access to all toilets at this venue is flat with a disabled toilet also being available for use. During our visit, all the individuals visiting the toilet did not require the disabled toilet therefore I am unable to comment on the availability of facilities such as grab rails, however the toilet was of good size.



The staff were very helpful. We visited with individuals with learning disabilities and the staff ensured that they approach the individual themselves rather than support staff and repeated what they were believing to hear to ensure that they had correctly heard the order. The staff were most accommodating of our individuals food preferences and on this occasion we very willing to make one of our individuals eggs. chips and beans which wasn't actually on the menu which was most appreciated. During the meal, a member of staff asked if we were happy and enjoy our meals and offered dessert at the end to the staff to prevent our individuals requesting a dessert if they wasn't appropriate. Overall the staff were very helpful and performed extremely well accommodating the needs of all us during the visit.

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As a group of individuals with learning disabilities and support staff, everyone very much enjoyed their visit and the food they ordered. The venues environment, although busy was relaxing and added to our visit positively. The pub offers daily deals which allowed some of our food orders to be cheaper, however on the whole every item on the menu is very good value for money and we would all definitely go back.

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