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Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh, EH16 5BB, United Kingdom | 0131 667 7211 | Website

Wheelie accessible fitness


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There isn't much I could add to the comprehensive main feature on the Commie Pool. The fitness area is splendid and the staff know their stuff and go the extra mile to help without being patronising. One thing I think was overlooked was the fact that staff will come and help you transfer onto the hoist chair, if you need a hoist to get into the water. They keep an eye on you while you are swimming and will lower the hoist chair into the water, and wheel you back to your changing room when you want to get out. The bed is a fine addition to make changing easier. It would be good if the pool had swimming lessons for disabled adults - for those who have never had the chance to swim or are recently disabled. It would be good to turn my doggie paddle (with legs dragging me down) into a front crawl or breast stroke and even try to swim on my back. The showers are wonderfully powerful and great for washing thick hair and massaging your back after your workout.

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We drove but all the disabled parking spaces were taken - it surprises me that there are so many disabled folk using the facilities so early in the day (10:00 a.m.)







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